Aura Imaging of healer, teacher and author, Alijandra

by admin

Internationally known teacher and healer, Alijandra, is the author of “Healing with the Rainbow Rays” and “Cosmic Chakras”. About 25 years ago, she operated one of the first prototypes of the aura camera, invented by Guy Coggins of Aura Imaging, and then read the aura photos for the customers at the various psychic fairs. The technology has vastly improved since then. She recently visited Guy at his office in Redwood City, CA to have fun with the latest camera. Enjoy! This isn’t an instructional video on the aura; simply to experience how the aura camera works. Her website is Join her on Facebook under Healing with the Rainbow Rays and on Twitter at Alijandra7777. In case you don’t recognize the background music, it is from the beautiful 6th symphony “Pastoral” by Beethoven.

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