Chakra Balancing

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The chakras are portal or structures which assist to channel and integrate subtle energies into the physical body. The body has 7 main chakras but over 2000 secondary ones which assist to direct and hold the integrity of our three primary elements – mind, body and spirit. Because the flow of this triad is usually shifting, directed by our intent and consciousness, so too should the chakra method recalibrate and locate new points of balance which each and every shift. In other words, merely as our thinking, communication, perspectives and intentions alter, so do the requirements of our chakra systems.

The chakra program deals primarily with subtle energy and so for the most portion this energy is able to move by means of subtle shifts of tension inside the physical body. With sufficient subtle tension nonetheless, the flow of energy will slow and even quit. The result is that the body, mind and emotions will start receiving less and less details. Info will result in less knowledge and less information will lead to less capacity. Always this does not take place in a dramatic way, it may possibly take years, the identical way that plumbing can take years to clog up and ultimately block the flow of water.

Depending on which chakras are blocked or restricted, the physical and mental consciousness will exhibit different manifestations. Blockages in the solar plexus for instance can result in a lack of will or powerful intent to take action. This will be experienced in the body as a lessening of the bio-chemicals that develop the sensation or emotion of will and purpose. Emotionally and mentally this will be experienced in corresponding mind states such as apathy or boredom. Blockages in the crown chakra will result in a disconnection from the Greater Self, as properly as a difficulty connecting to the larger picture in ones life. Simply as with the solar plexus chakra, certain bio-chemicals will correspond to this certain blockage.

The link between the energy of the chakra and the bio-chemistry of the body is just about details. There is absolutely nothing mysterious about it at all. Our entire becoming exists and survives Since of info. There is details between the heart and the brain, details between organs and enzymes, hormones and blood, oxygen and lungs, as nicely as details from the outside world such as individuals, books, trees, the sun, the moon, gravity and electricity. Details is influence and expression, via connecting with this details a communication occurs. This is the exact same communication that happens between the energy of the chakras and the physical body.

The foundation ‘foot in the door’ principles to any kind of chakra balancing must start with merely spending time at the chakra location. Forget about what is written in books, references or even here for that matter. Absolutely nothing will compare to actual ‘sit down’ time with your own chakras. Its like spending time with a loved one, children, pals and so on – we can go out and seek advanced information and expert guidance, but occasionally what is truly required is just to spend time with them. It\’s the identical deal with the chakras. An incredible quantity of communication will open up when we merely listen and observe – and in this listening a great deal of balancing and integration will merely occur. The outcomes will be observed in the way the physical body feels, the mind thinks, the emotions move and the spirit flows by means of us.

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