Chakra Meditation

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Open Your Chakras Now Discover How To Take Your Evolution To The Next Level Your path to Spiritual Awakening will leave you tired and worn. While there are many branches there is little fruit to feed your appetite for knowledge. Come with us as we take the adventure of a lifetime and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes…. This is a Bhajan, which is a Hindu devotional song The music is sometimes based on classical ragas and talas. I don’t know the actual name of the Bahjan http Just scroll down till you see Ranjit and Unmesh. Right click on the link and save it. Chakra meditation will release your internal energy and aid you in your spiritual journey. There are many chakras in the body, these are points in the body that correspond to a specific area where multiple nerves crisscross. It is believed that through meditating on these specific Chakras you can learn to control the energy in your body and experience everything from spontaneous healing to enlightenment. The value of opening the chakras cant be debated. These are energy points in our body that control whether we are healthy or unhealthy. Through the proper meditation techniques we can open our chakras and explore a life that will be both fulfilling and intensely spiritual by nature. There are three main chakras that when opened properly will accelerate your growth and spiritual awakening. Navel, Heart and Third Eye. http

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