Chakras Healing Crystals

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A chakra is a vortex or spinning program of energy, which relates to a specific frequency or Work.

HOW DOES IT Function?

The energy comes into this fact and leaves via the chakras. Every chakra represents a part of the spectrum and together all the chakras make 1 entire becoming as they spin.

The energy from our spirit or pure consciousness projects itself upon this fact. As it comes in it forms two sections – the inner fact, the 3 upper chakras and the outer, (the physical), the 3 lower chakras, with the heart chakra becoming the center, transformational or balance point.

The chakras spin and draw energy in or out according to our requirements. They move energy and reorganize it according to the transformation procedure for this life.

A crystal is a solid energy form that emits a particular frequency. Chakra healing crystals can enable us to entrain to energies inside them and these energies can assist us to heal, balance and transform our bodies, minds and emotions.We will require to know

We began to loose the capability to keep in mind who we are simply because of all the “stuff”or static energy we repress. This fills and clogs the lower chakras. It occurs simply because we maintain going much more in to our minds, by no means truly becoming in our lives, in this moment. The lower chakras slowly fill with stuff, simply because we had been not here in our lives to be with and transform it on the spot. This blocks us in understanding our pure nature and the fact of who we are. Nevertheless it is all part of the jigsaw puzzle of our lightening procedure. In reality absolutely nothing is great or poor……it just is.

Eastern teachings mostly talk about the lower chakras becoming the lesser ones. Really they connect us to this Earth, to our outer lives and our inner peace.

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