Crystals For Ascendant In Aries

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March 21-April 19

Ascendant Crystal: Jasper

When your ascendant is in Aries, how you present your self to the world can be bold, brash and assertive. You can be a buzz of activity, understanding what you need and then wanting to be initial at it. You can be described as pushy by other people. The great factor is that Jasper, your ascendant crystal can balance this out for you by helping you to pace your self and assists in the vibration of patience for you.

Jasper also gives you courage to face what you require to face and to help you in completing projects you have began. Jasper is such a great crystal for you as it also balances and permits you to channel or energies to function with other people, which occasionally can be a actual challenge for you. You are born with courage, assertiveness and initiative and they are gifts that will be carried with you all through your life.

As an ascendant in Aries you can count on becoming a starter not a finisher, the initial 1 out of the gate so to speak. You are a born leader, and can move and motivate other people. You have extremely high energy and physical stamina along with confidence, extroverted and an upbeat personality.

Healing properties of Jasper can consist of: excellent for the nerves, bladder, spleen, sense of smell, colds, flu and is great to carry when fasting.

A factor to keep in mind usually is that if your sun sign doesn’t match your personal astrological characteristics then you can be ruled by your ascendant. To get accurate readings on what crystals to carry with you to get the most match for body vibration and crystal vibration for you, your personal prescription of crystals.

Thought for the Day: “Extremely young individuals and really old individuals are the most honest, for they do not have an investment in the fears and games that make others dishonest.” -Guide Mary (Carla Gordon)-

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