Crystals For Your Sun Sign – Capricorn

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Crystals have been connected with Astrology and sun signs for centuries. In ancient times they had been utilized for healing and warding off dangers. Crystals had been also honored for the power they held and could be employed for cash and/or trading of items, only the wealthy or healers usual carried several crystals.

These days the use of crystals has turn out to be a small much more sophisticated and you could even say scientific. Now there are detailed astrology charts and programs that function off of your precise date, precise time and precise location of your birth and with that info information of your personality, life and challenges you can face can be read for you.

We are now in the sun of Capricorn, so I am going to cover some of the basics for Capricorn. Birthstones for Capricorn are ONYX and RED GARNET. Onyx can be a small energetically heavy and Garnet can balance that out and put lightness to your life. Garnet also inspires adore and devotion and could be a fantastic engagement ring.

AZURITE advantages you from a spiritual aspect, it assists open your intuition, it assists create spiritual guiding and release inner wisdom.

AMBER assists to shoo away the dark moods that can plague the Capricorn, it is also great as an inner cleanser and soul energizer. Amber can dissolve and eliminate dis-ease from the body and stimulate healing.

It is essential to carry these crystals with you every day and the ideal receptacle to do that with is the handwoven basket amulet necklace I have produced, be certain and check it out at my web site.

Thought for the Day: “When you create your self to the point where your belief in your self is so powerful that you know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, your future will be unlimited.” -Brian Tracy-

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