Kirlian Camera – Can it See Auras?

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A Kirlian Camera is a camera which is utilized to take pictures of corona discharges from the edges of any object. This type of photographic procedure is recognized as Kirlian photography. The resulting pictures are identified as photograms which are obtained with the assist of high voltages. This approach was found in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian, purely by accident. He found that once a high voltage supply is connected to the object placed on the photographic plate and then photographed, the resulting picture shows an image of a corona discharge about the object. This powerful electric field that is produced at the edges about the object is believed to produce this impact.

The function carried out by Kirlian came to be known as by various names in the scientific community, which includes corona discharge photography, electrophotography, or merely electrography. From the year that he found the approach, Kirlian went on to rediscover the whole method of get in touch with photography. This procedure involved putting the photographic film over a metal plate initial and then putting the object to be photographed straight over the film. A high frequency and high voltage supply was then connected to the plate at the time of the exposure which resulted in the distinctive functions designed in the photogram.

Some individuals, like Kirlian, have claimed that the power field discovered in images of the finger suggestions of humans, taken utilizing a Kirlian camera, can be compared to the aura surrounding humans. Numerous men and women believe that all living beings, like plants, emit this aura. In reality, an experiment was as soon as performed exactly where a leaf was plucked and set on a Kirlian camera and Many images of it had been taken as the leaf withered away. The corresponding photograms also showed a decline in the aura’s strength surrounding the leaf. Researchers who supported this thought claimed that this is proof that an aura surrounds each and every living object. Critics, nonetheless, dismissed the concept saying that the loss of moisture in the leaf as it withered away brought on its electrical conductivity to decline, which resulted in a diminishing impact of the so-named “aura” noticed in the photograms.

The most accepted scientific explanation to the effects noticed in the images is that the corona impact is designed by high voltages, as observed in a Tesla coil or in a Van de Graaff generator. This impact can be observed with the naked eye as a faint glow, in a completely darkened space. The very same impact developed a sort of halo on photographic film giving rise to the aura noticed about the objects photographed employing the Kirlian camera.

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