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I have been browsing the web on how to open my chakra and have discovered numerous methods which have confirmed very useful, so these days I am here to share couple of issues which I have learned over the years. The method I found gave me clarity about which chakra required attention and it helped me function on the areas which had been blocked.

Chakras as we all are conscious are energy centres in our body. There are primary seven chakras lined up from base of our spine to the top of our head. Every chakra plays a quite essential role in defining our personality. Following I learned the method of how to open my chakras my whole energy program has reached a new high.

Look for silent location where no 1 will disturb you. Lie on your back and shake both your hands to clear off the energy. Then briskly rub them and with your palms 1 on top of an additional facing down just 2 to three inches above the chakra. Now circle it counterclockwise. Repeat it for one to 2 minutes. This will open your chakras. Following opening of the chakras it is also essential to total the procedure by soothing of the chakras then stabilizing it. For this once more shake your hands to clear the energy and circle clockwise.

Initially the total procedure will take some time and couple of chakras will take much more time to open up then the other people. Take a look at the particular areas that are causing you the most discomfort when you begin the chakra clearing. Chakra clearing is a really potent and helpful tool to give that peaceful feeling. Use chakra clearing every day or weekly or you can practice it as frequently as you feel the want.

Chakra clearing is a great tool to acquire a wholesome living.

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