Open Sacral Chakra

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The sacral chakra is the most feminine of all the seven chakras. It symbolises attraction especially sexuality and also is the centre of emotions. It is ruled by moon and hence denotes fluidity and grace. Sacral chakra is situated in the lower abdomen between the naval and genitals. It governs the spleen, reproductive organs, kidney and bladder.

Given that this chakra controls all the body fluid and as we all know that human becoming are around 75 percent water so water therapy is the most successful approach to balance this certain chakra.

As we are growing up and come in terms with our emotions and sexuality typically this chakra is unbalanced. Folks who have balanced sacral chakra are friendly, graceful and are ready to take challenges and often feel certain. Whereas an unbalanced chakra leads to negative thoughts, fear, self-pity and envy.

An open sacral chakra assists your capacity to physically connect with your partner in a pure state of mind giving emotional and sexual satisfaction. But as soon as it is out of balance then all type of difficulties arise. You disregard your partner and contemplate them as an object of amusement. Sometime the scenario becomes so significantly worse that you sexually commence abusing your partner and see sex as a purely physical act with no emotions flowing. The word “Sacra” is derived from sacred which indicates pure and sex is not some thing casual and meaningless event.

1 crucial factor to note here is that when the chakra is open and cleansed , you also want to make positive that it is not left open and is closed Because if it is open it can be exposed to negative energies about.

Once our chakras are properly balanced and clear it affects our emotional, spiritual and physical nicely becoming. Chakra clearing is a great tool to acquire a wholesome living.

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