Past Life Chakra Healing

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Past lives are great points to function with, specifically if you know how to access them. You can do this by working with your Akashic Records and your Past Life Chakra as properly. Much of individuals do not know where this minor chakra is situated, or how to healing, energize or even function with this.

Your Past Life Chakra point is situated behind your ear. This 1 is a minor chakra point and can assist access your past lives as nicely as function on any kinds of healing that you might require to let go of prior karmic debt you have occurred. Working with your past life chakra, you can open your minor chakra region, release prior karma points that require to be healed or cleansed so you can move on in your physical life, and even release Akashic Records.

The greatest crystals to use for this minor chakra point are Blue Fluorite, Amazonite, Amber, and Angelite. I personally prefer to use Amber for these sessions, as this is what resonates inside my vibrational fields.

To function with a crystal healing for this chakra point, you can merely lie down on your back, and location 3 of the suitable crystals surrounding your head. You can location 1 behind every ear and remaining crystal over your crown chakra. This will align the healing grid to your Past Life Chakra point. From there you can function on self healings, karmic healings, meditation and a lot much more depending on what your main focus of this session is.

Usually keep in mind to cleanse your crystals afterward, as you do not need to hold onto any negative energy dealing with your past lives or karmic things.

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