The 1 Principal Distinction Between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

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Astral projection and lucid dreaming are two distinct techniques to gain access to the astral realms. Usually time, practitioners are unaware of which technique is employed and several grow to be confused around regardless of whether they’re truly lucid dreaming, or astral projecting.

In this post, I want to highlight what I feel is the Principal Distinction between both astral projection & lucid dreaming. This Principal Distinction lies in the way a individual can gain control of events and experiences when a technique is employed.

Astral Projection: Conscious Power of The Self

In the course of astral projection, a individual has full control of every little thing that is taking location. The speed of a individual’s flight and movement in the astral realm are wholly up to the individual performing the projection.

If entities or images are observed in the astral realm, then the individual also has power to subdue or vanquish such images. Since astral projection is a extremely willed and conscious activity, 1 wants to do very small to return to the present, physical world.

As you might already recognized, this practice also demands a high level of concentration in order to function. Merely put: there are several elements required for a individual to succeed in astral projection.

Lucid Dreaming: Awareness & Dreams

Lucid dreaming is not equivalent to dream control. In reality, several sources state that dream control is truly the objective of lucid dreaming (and not the other way about). The premise of lucid dreaming is easy.

In the course of sleep, a individual dreams. There are two kinds of individuals when it comes to dreaming: those who can control the contents of their dreams and those who do not.

The focus of lucid dreaming is becoming able to practice some control over what occurs in a dream. Since a dream doesn’t have to ‘play itself’ like a movie. A individual can exert will over dreams, the exact same way a individual can also consciously separate from the body to explore the astral realm.

Lucid dreaming can offer a individual a small control over his or her dreams. Older practitioners of this technique might have much more control in the lengthy term.

Now, the most essential skill in lucid dreaming is awareness. Usually, individuals Merely let their dreams transpire (regardless of whether the dream be a pleasant 1 or a nightmarish 1).

So the initial factor that you have to accomplish if you are interested in this technique is awareness. This awareness has to be employed particularly In the course of negative dreams. Dreams where you are embarrassed or frightened ought to be given focus Since these are the dreams that have a lot of bearing when it comes to our lives.

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