The Aura Patch Method

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Aura Patches are tiny energy patches that are worn on the body to supply a field of supportive & restorative energy to your body’s energetic field. Although wearing them they develop an environment for your body’s improved wellness. If you are seeking for a natural remedy to your well being challenges these may possibly be worth investigating.

The patches had been developed right after extensive studies of low and diminished energy in really certain areas of the energy field linked with distinct wellness challenges. The patches provide energy to restore and balance the body.

Aura Patches are worn on the left side of the body above the waist where the largest quantity of energy can be accessed by your body. When photographed with aura photography systems the outcomes show an boost in energetic density.

In wearing Aura Patches you will locate a new awareness of energy and overall feeling much better. If sleep is an problem, utilizing the bedtime patch can assist restore wholesome sleep patterns so your body can naturally restore itself with a great night’s sleep. In addition, the bedtime patch is worn in your pillow case, not on your body, so you don\’t have to be concerned about forgetting to take it off. The patches are numbered to aid you maintain track of them when you are wearing much more than 1 at a time (you can wear up to 3 at a time) and a list of patch names and numbers are on the sleeve they come in. In some instances you can apply a patch directly on the target area, such as on your knee for joint discomfort.

The patches adhere with a mild hypoallergenic adhesive created for sensitive skin and the patches themselves are biodegradable and secure for the environment. The patches are created to be worn on your skin, but simply because each and every person’s skin is various, some individuals may possibly have irritation from the patch adhesive. If this occurs to you, you can turn the patch over and attach it with medical tape or a band-assist. The patches really don\’t have to be attached to your skin, they just require to be in your energy field. You can attach the patch to a scrap of fabric and tuck it into your pocket or for ladies, your bra.

There are numerous distinct patches for several various issues. If this sounds like a good natural option for you, you can do some study and see what looks excellent for anything you may be challenged with.

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