The Seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra

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The 7th chakra, the Crown chakra is the topmost of the primary chakras in the body. In ancient Sanskrit the chakra is know as Sahasrara and it can be discovered correct at the top of the head in the center, at the ‘crown of the head’.

The seventh chakra is the 1 that connects us to our much more spiritual side and it can offer us with a sort of mystic union helping us on our way to enlightenment.

The opening up of this chakra can give us information of other dimensions opening us up to option states of consciousness and helping us to turn out to be a lot more grounded throughout this procedure so as to quit us from floating away and to maintain us much more grounded. For help on our spiritual path the activation of this chakra is extremely essential.

When you have the crown chakra open and spinning as it ought to then it can inspire you a lot and open up doorways to enlightenment and a connection to the cosmic consciousness.

If nevertheless you have this chakra blocked or not really activated then you may discover your self prone to bouts of depression, slow thinking and general confusion.

This chakra’s color is primarily violet but it can also be connected with gold or brilliant white. Its metal is Gold and its principal gemstone is clear quartz crystal. Utilizing quartz offers light to the soul promoting spiritual understanding and information. Making use of quartz in conjunction with this chakra can help you to make a connection with your own soul and with the universal soul or spirit that can be discovered in everybody and every thing. It can also revitalize us giving us new energy and helping to dissolve blocks.

If you have a balanced crown chakra then some of the psychological aspects that can manifest are enlightenment, inspiration and an capability to connect with cosmic consciousness. If you have this crown chakra unbalanced or not open correctly then psychologically you may well manifest restricted individual beliefs, an inability to accept new tips and in some circumstances it can even lead to madness and psychosis.

In order to To balance this chakra your self you can listen to meditation music in the key of G. Visualize a ball of bright white light or energy over the top of your head. See a violet lotus flower with a thousand gorgeous petals slowly opening and spinning over the location. This violet flower with its 1000 petals surrounded in white healing light is represented in the Sanskrit Mandala for the chakra.

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