Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

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The Throat Chakra is number five, the initial of the greater ones. It is situated in the middle of our throat and is aqua blue in color. Blue is calming and relaxing, steadfast and friendly.

This energy center is our communication center. It is also thought to be the messenger of the spirit. It is where we either speak out our truth or swallow what we actually really feel. How honestly do we express ourselves?

The organs and parts of the body linked with this location are the throat, vocal chords, esophagus, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums and hyperthalemus. If you suffer neck stiffness, shoulder tension, teeth grinding, jaw disorders, throat ailments, thyroid difficulties, a fear of speaking or excessive talking, an inability to listen, hearing issues or stuttering it indicates this center is out of balance. It covers both sounds and the a lot more subtle vibrations.

The rhythm of music, the creativity of dance, the vibration of singing and the communication we make by means of writing and speaking, be that poetry, stories or the writing of songs, all of these reside in the fifth chakra.

Emotionally it is where we are able to express what we really feel verbally as properly as telepathy and creativity of expression.

Spiritually it is regardless of whether we are able to speak up for what we think in. White lies, half truths and falsehoods pollute this energy center. Repressing anger or displeasure, even becoming silent when we are unhappy, all these points have an effect on this chakra.

Part of balancing this location is to understand to speak your truth, to speak with honestly, but we can do this in a non threatening way by owning our feelings and expressing ourselves with “I” statements. For example, “I really feel sad when you do…” Rather than “you make me really feel sad…”

This chakra truly has 3 separate aspects to it. The very first is our speaking and listening abilities which includes our creativity and our connection to other people. The second part is where we connect with other people telepathically, sending thoughts and feelings, like when we recognize we are on the identical wavelength as a person else. We instinctively seemed tuned into them. The third part is our own inner voice, listening to it and permitting it to speak. Permitting your self to choose up your intuition and to obtain direction from the Divine. Becoming able to listen to our inner voice and becoming able to figure out if it is our inner parent, which is frequently crucial, our inner child, which is frequently needy, or the healthier inner adult.

The Sanskrit name of Visuddha indicates “pure” or “purification.” This indicates that for this region to be open and balanced we need to practice truthfulness, we need to speak points that are pure be it poetry, scripture reading, songs we sing or the words we speak. Also drinking a lot more water and stopping smoking assists in this location. We need to maintain it pure. We need to express our requirements and be able to set boundaries and say ‘No’ when essential.

Stones that assist this location are Kyanite which acts as a shield as properly as balancing this region, Lapis and Chrysocola.

A great nature image for this is a calm ocean with a clear blue sky. Either sit by the sea or look at an image of it. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and relax. Picture you are stretching your neck up to look at the clear blue sky, as you lift your head your throat expands and the suns rays warm the location. Picture you are having a drink of cool, clear water and then a little glow starts in your throat and gets bigger and bigger, spinning anticlockwise in ladies and clockwise in men. As it spins it is flicking off flecks of white light. This Chakra is open and balanced, you can sing or express your self freely, you can set your boundaries and you are listened to with respect.

A great affirmation for this location is, ” I listen and I am heard. I speak my truth and I am calm. I am creative and expressive.”

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